sábado, 11 de julio de 2009

turn on with water

haha totalmente owned
Odio a la C con todo mi a
mor por hacerme comer obsesiones.. naah si se le hace.. haha O-W-N-E-D es la unica palabra que me identifica..

I think that you are OK.
and i think you lied to me.
and it's too late to pretend.
and don't trust you anymore.
and i think im starting to hate her.
i hate psyco bitchs.
you let me down.
knowing that im still in love with you.
you forget about me
somewhere we were wrong
dont say that you need me
dont play these games with me
dont say it's forever
cause you should've said no
you should've thought twice before
you let it all gone.
was she worth it?
why did you say i love you?
if you knew that it would'nt last
the line is breaking up
we'll leave it on the line.

P.S: we turn on da party C (:

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